Thursday, May 8, 2014

Back on track

Due to being assigned a new duty station, it's been causing me to ponder life and look back at the past 4 years in San Diego. I MAJORLY fell off my blogging wagon. I was mostly writing for journaling, but I also realized I was kinda writing letters to my mama. I probably started a blog right after getting married but I didn't really start writing until I moved to meet my husband in Groton, CT. It was a nice way to show and tell my mama what life was like in good ol' Groton. Then we moved to San Diego and Instagram was invented. Not only were we blessed enough to have family 6 hours away, so I could take them to everything we do out here, but I could post all the pictures and not have to write anything. However, with moving across the country AGAIN in the WINTER, AGAIN, it made me think about how I can better take our stories down with words as well as pictures. Thus, getting back on track with blogging. Originally, I was going to just make it my goal to start when we got to our new home but let's be honest, it's bathroom day. Why should all my goals, hopes, and dreams wait until a better day when I have a perfectly good excuse to procrastinate cleaning bathrooms?

Speaking of bathrooms, I have really been trying to get my Bree Van De Camp on. Or call it nesting. I think we are all happier when we are really rockin' something. Stay at home mom is what I want to rock. Not the blogging, post my awesome crafts on Pinterest, make you feel inferior to me kind of mom, not that kind of mom. Just the kind of mom that has found her own happiness and balance through living the gospel, serving her family, and gains that sense of accomplishment through making the home beautiful. That might not be the biggest of aspirations but its mine. It makes me smile to think about and it makes my heart beat a little faster. Now I gotta go eat this blueberry breakfast cake I made for breakfast. 


  1. Finally!!! Me and the wallet guy were beginning to wonder if you would ever give us another post to read.

  2. I need to look up the definition of "back on track".