Thursday, May 8, 2014

Back on track

Due to being assigned a new duty station, it's been causing me to ponder life and look back at the past 4 years in San Diego. I MAJORLY fell off my blogging wagon. I was mostly writing for journaling, but I also realized I was kinda writing letters to my mama. I probably started a blog right after getting married but I didn't really start writing until I moved to meet my husband in Groton, CT. It was a nice way to show and tell my mama what life was like in good ol' Groton. Then we moved to San Diego and Instagram was invented. Not only were we blessed enough to have family 6 hours away, so I could take them to everything we do out here, but I could post all the pictures and not have to write anything. However, with moving across the country AGAIN in the WINTER, AGAIN, it made me think about how I can better take our stories down with words as well as pictures. Thus, getting back on track with blogging. Originally, I was going to just make it my goal to start when we got to our new home but let's be honest, it's bathroom day. Why should all my goals, hopes, and dreams wait until a better day when I have a perfectly good excuse to procrastinate cleaning bathrooms?

Speaking of bathrooms, I have really been trying to get my Bree Van De Camp on. Or call it nesting. I think we are all happier when we are really rockin' something. Stay at home mom is what I want to rock. Not the blogging, post my awesome crafts on Pinterest, make you feel inferior to me kind of mom, not that kind of mom. Just the kind of mom that has found her own happiness and balance through living the gospel, serving her family, and gains that sense of accomplishment through making the home beautiful. That might not be the biggest of aspirations but its mine. It makes me smile to think about and it makes my heart beat a little faster. Now I gotta go eat this blueberry breakfast cake I made for breakfast. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I was wishing and hoping that I would have more to report but I don't and I was in the mood for writing! I tried to craft with my silhouette cameo but it was a major fail and I have yet to break it out again. The hubby has only been gone for 5 days so I haven't gotten into a productive mode yet! Well I have actually been walking and doing some prenatal pilates which I think is helping with mood and pregnancy weight gain a lot! I am trying to build up the courage to walk by myself to the beach. Why it's so scary, I couldn't tell you. In the mean time I have been thinking a lot about these:

Little knitted leg warmers for babies that are just soooo cute! These are from but I think I could make some of my own. Do you think I would scar my little son for life if I put them on him like every day? They are just so cute! It would also make diaper changing easier than pants. Just sayin. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby Clothes

Joseph and I were perusing the NEX last night for baby stuff and I just found the cutest over-alls. I feel like I could almost put them in a frame and hang them on my wall! So I took pictures for my mama to see because I am just that excited. Aaawww.

Aren't the stripes sooo cute?

He will have a little while to grow into them because it's the only size they had but I can't wait until he does!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

"A good beginning makes a good ending." 
-English Proverb

If that holds any truth it should be a really great year! I can't believe that last crazy year is over and a new one is beginning! Last year we had a deployment, we have gotten a taste of submarine life, we have made lots of new friends, we moved for our 3rd time since we got married, and we have enjoyed most of it. Haha. 

Our holidays were so wonderful. We started off Joseph's leave with a trip to Cornville to see his family. Sometimes I miss that small little place. It's a small town where people fight over who goes at the stop sign first because one driver is trying to be nicer than the other. That drives me nuts, actually. It was rainy and wet the whole time but that was okay because sometimes I miss the rain from Connecticut. (Never thought I'd get to that point! My mom is probably remembering all the phone calls, "It's raining again", "It flooded again today." "Oh, we were in a tornado yesterday.") The highlight for me is always some Haunted Hamburger. Oh man. I want some right now. Once I buy some tortillas, I'm going to make a green chili quesadilla in memory of Haunted Hamburger. (Side note: spell check doesn't have quesadilla in the dictionary. What is wrong with the world?)

Then we whisked off to Mesa. The highlight there is El Charro. Just kidding! This highlight is getting to spend time with my oh so wonderful, cheerful, stressed, sarcastic, slightly dysfunctional family! I wouldn't have us any other way! Christmas was delightful and everyone spoiled everyone way too much. Right now it's making me emotional. Dang hormones. I love every Christmas Joseph can spend with us! My parents got Joseph a new grill and he is grilling the crap out of it! He is always such a cleanly builder. 

All done! We have enjoyed lots of steak and tofu thus far and Joseph even grilled us some grilled cheese on it! Mmmm. 

We also got some beach cruisers from my parents and I am just waiting for some good weather to go and cruise the beach! Oh how I love living on Coronado. After Christmas we celebrated the wedding of my little brother and Hannah! Congratulations Brit and Hannah! I didn't take any pictures. Never occurred to me. Nope. How am I supposed to blog about anything if I don't take pictures?

 Now we are home and looking forward to what is in store for this bright and shiny New Year! So far I have finally hit a nesting stage. Cleaning and decorating finally seem appealing. 

The rest of this year will be a crazy adventure! Joseph's boat is getting ready for another deployment, we will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary, one of us under water and one of us on land. I bet you can guess who's who! We will be welcoming a baby boy in June. In addition, we will be ready for whatever else is in store for us this year! In subs it takes a whole year to get ready for deployment, in case you didn't know that. So on top of the 6 month deployment the sub should  have about 3 one month trips to make sure everything is in working order before the long voyage! So 9 months being husband-less (8 if I can time the baby right. You hear me, baby??) should make for quite and interesting year! 

So I don't have so much a goal list as a wish list for this year. That's just how I roll. So let me share it with you and maybe it will turn into a goal list-or not, no pressure. 
1. I would like to grow spiritually-I want to be more obedient, have a better attitude and be more supportive of my husband being a strong priesthood leader in our home. (One of my struggles is letting him out of the house to go do things-anything-because I just never see him! But, I think I should be more understanding of priesthood activities.)
2. I want to not turn into a huge whale during the rest of my pregnancy. So far I have been exercising and keeping a food journal on sparkpeople's pregnant woman site. I love sparkpeople. 
3. Get my craft on and learn how to do more things. I want to make cute things for my house and my baby. If I want to get specific here I need to learn more on my sewing machine and learn how to use my silhouette cameo! (squeal of delight!) It's just sort of intimidating and I am not really brave at doing new things.
4. Make dinner for my husband more often. With 3-4 months of actually having to do that this year, it should be an easy one. 

Well I had some more but I'm going to cut it short because I just realized I got really hungry while writing this thing! I hope you enjoyed not only reading my wishes but also reading their lengthy descriptions. I hope you are looking forward to your new year as well!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This is my most favorite Halloween picture ever! Joseph and I went to Boston with some friends last year for Halloween and this was the Paul Revere statue. No one was sure at first if it was a form of vandalism or done by the city-it just seemed so disrespectful. My conclusion is that it was done by the city because the head just fits on there too perfectly. Although I love living in San Diego and will love living in Coronado even more, I will always have VERY fond memories of living on the East coast and getting to experience the fall there. As for our plans this year, lots of staying in! We have the apartment all decorated.

Our little haunted house town. I should have taken a closer picture but oh well, maybe next year. :)

This is our candy handing out station in case we get any trick or far none. However, it has been very useful for stuffing our faces!

Our "shrunken" pumpkin. Just kidding! When I was pulling out Halloween decorations I found this. We moved right after Halloween last year and apparently I wasn't thinking and packed this little guy right up. It was hard as a rock.

We decided on a simple dinner because Joseph has to go into work at 8:30 tonight. So we cut pumpkin faces into our tortillas that we very hard earned and made some guacamole. Yummy! The one above is Joseph's. Mine totally wasn't as cute. Why can't I just have an abuela that refers to me as "mi bonita" and makes me amazing tortillas all the time? Maybe her name is Juanita and she cleans my house too. Is that offensive? Anyway, here's dinner!

Now we are enjoying some Nightmare Before Christmas and getting hopped up on sugar! Hope everyone else has been having a delightful Halloween!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I can't believe that I haven't written since July! My job has just taken over my life. I'm almost up to 40 hours a week. Which is just so much! Well since I've written Joseph has passed his two year anniversary of being in the Navy. I just find that incredible. Well Halloween is almost on us! While looking for cute Halloween crafts that I will never get to..kinda like this blog...I found this cute yarn wreath.

I pretty much just love it. Maybe next year I will have some time. Here in this big city there are not too many people in the Halloween spirit quite yet! However, we did take a drive to Coronado Island on this fine Sunday to go take another look at our new townhouse in the daylight. IT IS JUST SO CUTE. We are so excited. Oh but we found that all the fancyschmancies that live on Coronado Island get a little more into Halloween. There were some super cute decorations and even some super eerie ones!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New entry way shelf and a Harry Potter party.

My most favorite green shelf in the whole wide world got a summery and beachy update recently. We should be living by the beach for a good chunk of our married life so I figured I would jump on the beachy cottage bandwagon. My favorite is the wooden bird. He just kinda makes me smile.
 You would be surprised at how hard chippy white frames are to find. So I figured a 4 dollar frame from Ikea would do the trick. I sanded it up a bit and it looks much better. Even though it's hard to tell in the photo. However, it's sanded to perfection. You have to love that picture of us in the frame. If that doesn't explain us, I don't know what does!
 Tonight we went to a Harry Potter party. It's my embarrassing admission. The invitation was so cute and the party was so cute. We were separated into houses and we played games such as eating Harry Potter jelly beans to guess which flavor it was. The house that guessed first won the points. We also partook of too much butterbeer. Here is a picture of us with our house badges on. I was Gryfindor and Joseph was in Slytherin. We are holding our golden snitches. Does anyone even know what these words mean?